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We aren't just Christians- we're community activists.

-Welcome to Christ Resurrection Church-

You have the power  to transform your community.

Brothers and sisters, what is faith without works?
Now more than ever, our families, friends, and neighbors need their spirits lifted- the time has come for believers to serve as true advocates of change.

You have the faith- 
now join us in doing the work.

The church's role
is to serve the


Come serve with us.

Our Mission & Vision

To empower people through the teaching of God's Word and providing outreach programs to enrich their lives spiritually, emotionally, mentally, academically, financially and physically. 

Our Purpose

To worship God through ministry, teaching, and evangelism.

Our Goal

Develop disciples and empower them to go and produce disciples for building up the kingdom of God.

"The world is loud. The church is silent. My job is to make the church louder than the world."

"Love is what makes CRC unique... The root is love."


"Churches must advocate change for broken and hurting people and provide opportunities for upward mobility. They should serve the community wherever it is broken through programs that mend its areas of brokenness."


-Pastor Ken Gilliard | CRC Founder

Our doors and our hearts
are open to you. Please join us for worship.

Community Programs

The Worship Experience

Community Events

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Let's work together to transform our communities. Support a ministry program today.

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